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A lot of welds, one installation set

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Mounting accessories

Assembly kit for installation of open joints in pre-insulated pipes systems ensures repeatability and quality of each welded joint.


is designed to mark position of the joint on pipe. It can be used to mark the cuts for the T-bar and to determine the location of the heating element on the pipe.

Longitudinal fastener

ensures even pressure of the heating element to the pipe on whole lenght of the overlap.

Tightening belt

enable proper mounting of the longitudinal fastener on the KmT open joint.

Mounting band

ensures adequate pressure in the circumferential weld area. Its universal design allows it to work with both open couplers and heat shrink couplers.

Universal mounting bracket

keeps the mounting band in a fixed position during welding of the pre-insulated joint, ensuring its proper pressure on the electromuff.

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Pressure test

Pressure test kit consists of a manometer and a portable air compressor. It allows to easily and precisely determine the tightness of the welded joint.