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Trust the 30 years old
experience and passion
Product development and continuous implementation of innovative automation solutions
has allowed us to spread the welding process among installers.
for pre-insulated pipes systems
Modern and lightweight design. Inverter technology gives you more freedom
in the design and construction of equipment.
Automatic correction of welding parameters
5" graphic display for ease of use
Barcode system for automatic programming
Innovative 3-stage welding system
Dynamic welding process
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electromuffs made of pure polyethylene
Ask our experts for details.
Electromuffles made of the highest quality polyethylene
Very high scratch resistance
Resistant to penetration of liquids and gases
Heating element built into the electromufe
Innovative wrapped socket technology
Electrofusion welding machines

The universal construction of electrofusion welding machines
guarantees compatibility with fittings from all manufacturers
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Butt fusion welding machines

Welding has never been so easy
Automatic KMT welding machines simplify the welding process. Operator acivities are limited to minimum.

During the process, device communicates with the operator via LCD, providing data on the current welding phase and guides through welding process steps.

Easy to operate

The universal design of the devices enables welding of pipes
of all manufacturers in a wide range of parameters.

List of welds

The welding machine allows for the archiving of welds as printouts, electronic files or reports.

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Trainings for operators
All our customers can count on us for training and technical support for all our welding machines and materials for pre-insulated pipe systems.

Download software, user manual or report a fault.

Download software to archive the welding process data.


Download the manual for welding machines or software.

Service request

Report a malfunction, contact service or schedule repair of the welder.

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